Saturday, October 8, 2011

purse and leather treat pouch review

Ever since I've had a guide dog, I've been trying to find a treat pouch that works for me; but there was always something missing. I had the gentle leader pouch, but sometimes I couldn't quickly open it or it didn't close as easily as I needed it to. I had one that looked like a ruffwear bowl with a magnet in the middle, but if the pouch were too full, treats would pour out around the magnet if I leaned over. I had a square one with a magnetic flap, but it wouldn't close right and treats came out the top. None of them could make it through a downpour without leaving me with a wet pouch and soggie treat mush. Also, I prefer to support a person and a small business instead of a large company, so custom-made items were perfect for me.
I found Raw Dog Leather while doing a search for leather treat pouches, and I got all the features I wanted in a bag.
It is about the size of an index card. On the left side, there is a mini bolt snap, like those found on the leashes from guide dog school, and below that is an o-ring. On the main body of the treat pouch is a rain flap with a snap, and on that flap is a keyring. On the right side is an o-ring, a keyring, and a mini bolt snap. On the back are two snap tabs that can go around a belt or a shoulder strap. Once I fold the rain flap back behind the snap tabs, there is the main part. On the front is a small square pocket where I store poop bags. Inside is the cloth liner, wich is machine washable and removeable because of velcro. There are three pockets; in the front, soft, high-value treats; in the middle, kibble; and in the back, crunchy training treats. Five magnets on each side of of the liner keep it close.
It passed all of my tests: I kept the rain flap open while walking fast, and nothing fell out, even when i leaned over. I can slide a finger in, grab a treat, as well as remove my hand, and it closes without any extra movement from me. I took it out in a tourential downpour, and my treats stayed dry and whole.
I think there are pictures here

I also bought a purse. I have tried many bags; backpacks work well, but it is annoying to have to stop, have the dog sit, and take off the pack to get to water or my cell phone. This bag is 10 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. It is tall enough for me to put a 18-oz klean kantine vertically in the bottle loop and close it without worrying about water leaking in the bottom. There is a zipper pocket on the front, a mini velcro pocket on the flap, a velcro pocket on the back, and the cloth, velcro liner inside with two pockets where I keep my wallet and business cards. It is big enough to hold a slate and stylus, telescoping cane, a snack bag, a basic first-aid kit, a dog bowl, and other random things. The shoulder strap is adjustable with a belt-buckle fastener. There are pictures here
The customer service was good; she sent me leather samples, so I could have an idea of the textures and colors of deer, elk, elk, moose, ETC. I love both of these bags and would buy from her again!