Friday, November 4, 2011

call for submissions for the november disability blog carnival

Still accepting late submissions if anyone wants to write.
I know for me, and probably others as well, the word inspiration or inspirational mostly triggers a negative conotation. No one wants to be classified as "the supercrip" and all the stereotypes and misconceptions that entails. However, being inspired can be a good thing. Some suggestions could be was there a disabled character from a book or movie, fictional or nonfictional, who inspired you when you first became disabled? Is there someone whom you have met in real life or online who has had an impact on how you view your disability or disabled people in general? It doesn't have to be anything huge; it could be something as simple as before I didn't know I could dance from my wheelchair or this tip helped me save time on my low energy days.
When you submit, I'd like your name or screen name, the name of your blog, and the link to your post. Links are due by November 27.


  1. Is this where you take submissions?

    If so --

    Name: Amanda
    Blog: Ballastexistenz
    Post: The Bones My Family Gave Me

  2. I have never participated in this blog carnival, so hopefully my submission is okay.

    My blog is ruled by paws (

    My submission is entitled Independent Woman (

    Looking forward to reading some of the other submissions.

    Brooke, Cessna & Rogue

  3. Oops! I wrote my blog's URL wrong, sorry!

    It's actually

    Brooke, Cessna & Rogue

  4. I totally missed this call for submissions until right now. Will you take late submissions????

  5. Name - Displaced
    Blog - Gonna Eat Worms
    Post -

    I hope my link works and I'm looking forward to the publication!


  6. Thanks for hosting this from Lee @ Rheumatoid Arthritis Stories; post is Need inspiration to keep going

    Lesley from it's myositis

  8. Thank you
    NAME: @GNN
    BLOG: I'm Not My Disease

  9. I blog in poetry, usually about MS. This is a poem I wrote about how other MSers inspire me.

  10. Sorry, forgot my blog's name;
    Peace Be with You on the MS Journey

  11. sure! I won't be putting it up for few days, so there is still time. @Spaz Girl

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